Changing who time off requests are assigned to

Time off requests can be assigned to different people and groups of people.

By default the time off requests are sent to the owner of the account. If you want to change this please follow the instructions below.

  1. From your company settings go to “Lookups”
  2. In the list of lookups choose “Ticket Type”
  3. From this list click the edit button next to “Time off request”
  4. A new screen will show the name, description (optional) and assignees.
  5. You can add individual people, groups, locations and departments to be the assignee
  6. Click the submit button

Once you have saved the changes any new tickets will be assigned to the people or groups you selected and they will receive a notification.

If the assignees do not receive a notification please see the help page for this under “Time Off and Sick Leave”