Creating a time off report

At any time you can generate a time off report and output as CSV, PDF or just print to screen.

  1. Go to “Reports” and choose “Custom Report”
  2. Click the add button and choose “Time off” from the list
  3. Enter a unique name for your report, this can be changed later
  4. Choose the fields you want to export, if you are unsure it might be a good idea to choose all fields first and then remove the fields later
  5. To add fields you can double click on the field or choose the fields and click the “>>” button
  6. Click the save button
  7. You will now be brought back to the list of reports
  8. Click on the report you made and the data will be displayed

To find out more about reports on how to use conditions, sort by and exporting please see “Reports” in this help documentation.