Editing and basic formatting pages

When you first visit your page it is locked and cannot be edited until you go into edit mode.

Click on the edit icon. This will now make the page editable and you will see a box around both the title and the content.

You can change the title and the body of the page.

Showing the formatting toolbar
Double clicking on text will show the editor toolbar. To make text bold simply click the “B” icon and the text will be made bold. To close the editor click elsewhere in the editor to stop selecting the text. If you want to format a long line or paragraph of text, click and drag your mouse to select the text and the formatting toolbar will appear.

If you have added styling to text and want to remove it simply select the formatted text and click the format that you want removed from the formatting toolbar. The selected format will be in a selected state as a slightly darker button.

New paragraph / New line
Pressing return key will create a new paragraph of text.
If you do not want to create a new paragraph of text and instead to add a new line press Shift+Return together.

Keyboard shortcuts
You can also use keyboard shortcuts depending on your browser.
For example pressing Ctrl+B will make all text entered bold. Pressing Ctrl+B again will turn boldness off.
For more information on formatting shortcuts you may have to search in Google depending on your browser.