Emergency Contacts

Store and let your employees self manage their emergency contacts. Your employees can directly add their own next of kin contact details to Devi and update the details at any time.

This information is securely stored and can only be accessed by a limited group of authorised personnel depending on permissions.

Adding an emergency contact

Emergency contacts can be added by the individual employee or by your HR department.

  1. From “My Profile” or clicking on an employee profile choose the “Emergency” tab
  2. Click the add button and a form will be displayed
  3. Enter details of the emergency contact / next of kin and click the save button

If you cannot see the emergency contact tab check your account settings. The emergency contact add-on may be turned off or permissions for the individual employee logged in may not have sufficient permissions.

Replacing an emergency contact

From listing emergency contacts in an employees profile you can either delete or edit existing contacts.

If you do not have the option to edit or delete a contact please contact your account owner or HR department to give you permission.