Adding a Lookup Field

Adding and editing additional contact groups, leave types, timesheet types and other lookup records enables your business to get the most out of Devi and get your account working how you want it.

  1. From the area you wish to change the lookups, e.g. “Projects” click the cog icon and then from the settings page choose “Lookup and Fields
  2. Click the “New Field” button and enter a name. For some groups of lookup’s there maybe additional fields you need to enter. Go to the relevant area in this help website for more information
  3. Click the “Save” button

When saved you can go back to the screen where you was entering information, refresh the screen and the new option you created will be available.

If you made a mistake or would like to change the field value go back into the Lookup group and click the “Edit” button. You can also batch edit all the fields by clicking the “Batch Edit” button from the Lookup group list.

Some Lookup Fields cannot be edited or removed. These are Devi system fields and are required for your account to work. If it’s important for the system fields to be removed or changed please contact our support by raising a ticket from the help system main page.