Linking pages together

How to create a new page and link to this page

  1. Click the edit icon to enter edit mode and select text you wish to link
  2. Click the link icon from the formatting toolbar
  3. Type in the name of the new page you want to create, e.g. “Company Policy”
  4. The menu will show “New page: Company Policy”. Now press the return key or the tick icon
  5. The formatting dialog will now close and you will be back in the editor
  6. Click “Save Changes” and click the text you linked to
  7. The new page is now created with the page title you entered
  8. Enter your content and click “Save Changes” button
  9. If you go back to the previous page you will now be able to click and view the new page you have created

Linking existing pages together

  1. As above enable edit mode and select the text you want to link
  2. From the formatting menu click the link icon
  3. Type in the name of the existing page you want to link, e.g. “Company Policy”
  4. The search results will be listed, simply click the page you want to link to
  5. Save changes and test the link works


If the page you are searching for is not listed in the search results check the spelling and try again. Search is not case sensitive.

Recently added and modified pages will list when the link dialog has appeared.

Can’t remember the name of the page?
From Pages click the “All Pages” link.
You can also directly view these pages and remove them.