Payroll reminder recurring example

This is an example recurring event for creating a task in your Devi account for payroll reminder

  1. Under “Calendar” go to “Recurring”
  2. Add new recurring
  3. Set the following recurring details…
    • Name: Payroll Reminder
    • Start: Today
    • Time: 10:30am
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Repeat every: 1 month
    • Type: By week
    • Week: 4th Week
    • Days: Monday
  4. In your action choose “Create Task”
  5. Assign to your HR person directly by name, also include yourself in the assign to
  6. Set the task name to be “Payroll Reminder”
  7. Due date to be “2 days”
  8. Description “Don’t forget the monthly Payroll!”
  9. Then click save

The system on the 4th week of the month on Monday will automatically create a task and assign it to the people / groups selected.

All people assigned to the task should also be emailed when the task is created.

If the task is not set to completed Devi will email the assigned people that the task is overdue on Wednesday.