Removing an employee

To remove an employee from Devi you must terminate their employment.

  1. View the employee profile edit screen choose “Terminate Employment” from the three dot menu
  2. Enter the date of termination and optionally a reason
  3. Click the submit button

When the termination date is current or past their account will no longer be able to access the companies Devi account.

For example if you set the termination date to be the 5th May on the 6th of May this employee will longer have no access. If you wish to remove someone from Devi straight away set the termination date to a day before the current date and their account will be automatically disabled.

Terminated employees will no longer show under “Team” but they can be listed under your company account area.

This information can also be displayed with a report including the number of days notice the employee gave for the termination date.