Reports overview

Devi’s report builder provides you with a powerful data extraction tool.

At any time you can generate reports of most of your account data. Of course, if we are missing something you need just drop us a support ticket and we’ll do our best to get the extra report types or fields in for you as soon as possible!

Our report builder has the following features…

  • Choose and reorder the fields you want to extract
  • Powerful conditions tool supporting strings, numerical data, dates and booleans
  • Sort by fields
  • Display output on screen (maximum of 100 records)
  • Download CSV for importing into excel and other spreadsheet software
  • Download PDF for printable versions of your reports
  • Follow / bookmark the reports you want to generate often

We have further plans to keep expanding the report builder and we’re interested in knowing what you need to make your Devi experience fit in with your business. If you have recommendations please send us a support ticket and we’ll add it to our development road map!