Send email when a task is updated

When you update a ticket you will probably want to update the person who originally created the ticket of the status update.

  1. Go to “Tasks” then “Settings”
  2. When ticket settings page has loaded go to “Workflows”
  3. In the left menu choose “Task updated” then click “New Trigger” button
  4. In the dialog choose “Send email” from the first drop down list
  5. Set the “Send to” drop down to “Created by”
  6. Enter a subject, e.g. Task {{task_type_name}} has been updated to {{status}}
  7. You can get a list of available variables by pressing the hash # key
  8. Enter a body of a message and include as much information as you like
  9. Click save

When the task is updated the employee who created the task will be automatically emailed.

You can also add other types of actions such as a notification.
So when the task is updated they will get a notification on their Devi dashboard automatically.