Snippets and how are they used

Snippets are part of templates. They are used to build standard elements you might use in your templates including:

  • Company headers
  • Company contact details with VAT number
  • Standard footers with contact details

Snippets are related directly to your company so you can use any mapping fields that you would find for company templates. You cannot include a snippet within a snippet. You can use multiple snippets in one template, for example {{snippet_header}} and {{snippet_footer}}.

Creating an example snippet and using it…

  1. In “Library” go to “Templates”
  2. Change the tab at the top to list “Snippets” and click on Add Snippet in the top menu
  3. Name the snippet ‘header’ and type in some text, you can even include your logo – see the right panel to see available variables
  4. Click save
  5. Go back to templates tab and create a new template
  6. To include the snippet in the template type in {{snippet_header}} and add some text after the header
  7. Click save
  8. When viewing the template click the top right menu and click “Preview”
  9. You will now see the snippet included into the standard template