Templating and Mail Merge Overview

Templating is a powerful feature of Devi which can save you and your HR department hours of work every month. The feature has been built so you can customise your invoices, receipts, salary certificates, employee contracts and any other documents you want to process automatically.

When you upload or use our default templates you can mail merge data in your Devi account such as employee, invoice, clients etc.. to generate a PDF output.

Templates can created with our inline editor directly in your browser!

Your Devi account will have default templates already available but at any time you can change and add to these documents.

Our mail merge template feature also includes the ability to use reusable “Snippets” which can be useful for building standard headers, footers and legal quotes without needing to copy and paste them into multiple templates.

Examples templates you may want to use include…

  • Financial templates such as quotes, invoices and receipts
  • Thank you letters when you receive payment
  • Employee salary certificate
  • Employee contracts
  • Information about your company you can send to clients
  • Proposals and pricing
  • Legal documents for employees and clients, such as NDA’s
  • Onboarding and offboarding documents
  • Withholding tax forms (for certain countries)