The employees leave request was automatically approved and it shouldn’t have been

There are two possible reasons this can happen.

  1. The employee has permissions to approve leave requests
  2. The leave type does not require approval


  1. From company settings go to “Groups and Permissions”
  2. In each of the groups check “Members” to find the employee you want to check
  3. When you have found the group the employee is part of go into “Permissions”
  4. If the user group is “Owner” then please see below, you must change this employees user group first
  5. Under the “General” tab will be an option for “Approve Leave Request”
  6. Make sure this is set to “no” and click save

If the user group is owner you cannot change the permission settings.
An owner is classed as a “super user” so they have access to all features. Change this employees user group.

If “Approve Leave Request” was already set to “no” see the next solution, “Require Approval”.

Require Approval

In Devi it is optional if a leave request needs approval from “Lookups”.

  1. From company settings go to “Lookups”
  2. In this list choose “Leave Type”
  3. From the leave type list find the leave you wish to check, there will be a heading that says “Need Approval”
  4. If it is “No”, edit the record and tick the check box

Setting this to yes will now mean this type of leave request will need approval before being added to the calendar.

Still not working or need some additional help?

Please raise a support ticket and we’ll help you out!