Tutorial, how to add a salary certificate template

This tutorial will take you through a simple process of creating a salary certificate template and then creating a document for an employee.

  1. In “Team” go to “Settings” and go to “Template” section
  2. From the template page click the add button
  3. Enter a name for the template and make sure the template type is “Employee”
  4. You can now create your document. In the document you can enter the following:
  5. This is to certify that {{first_name}} {{last_name}} is currently working with our organization in the position of {{position_name}}. He is employed with us since {{start_date}}
  6. Once you have formatted and customised your template click save
  7. Go to the employee you wish to generate a salary certificate for
  8. When viewing the employee click on the menu button and choose “Create Document”
  9. Choose the template you created
  10. Enter a name and file type and check both download now and save as attachment
  11. Click save

The file will now be downloaded as a PDF and it will be available in the employees “Files” area in their profile.

You can now repeat steps 8 on-wards for all employees who require a salary certificate.

It is also possible to create templates from other areas of the system.