Webhooks and the workflow system

For users of Devi who want to get deeper into the system we provide the ability to call a web site address of your own when a workorder on Devi is run.

This option is normally used for developers and programmers to extend their Devi account and integrate the system into their own internal systems. If Devi is not officially supporting an integration that you need this might be the perfect tool for your developers!

You can use various tools such as RequestBin to test the requests. We take no responsibility for external tools such as RequestBin or your own systems.

The information will be sent to the chosen URL:

  • Method: POST
  • Content Type: application/json
  • Agent: Devi

Example of testing web hooks

  1. Go to RequestBin and Create a new RequestBin
  2. The screen will now display a Bin URL, e.g. http://requestb.in/1av0xxxx
  3. Take a copy of this URL
  4. From “Company Settings” go to “Triggers”
  5. Choose a trigger, e.g. “Add Contact”
  6. From the menu choose “Send Webhook”
  7. Type in the URL from RequestBin into the input box and click the submit button
  8. After saving the webhook go to “Contacts”
  9. Create a new contact and click save
  10. Go back to RequestBin and click your refresh button
  11. The data that Devi sent to the webhook URL will be displayed in RequestBin