What is the dashboard?

The dashboard in the current version of Devi is quite simple but we have big plans for improving it!

Currently shown on your dashboard is..

  • Company news
  • Your current logged in profile details
  • Recent arrivals
  • Out of office
  • Celebrations

Company News
You can add and manage company news directly from the dashboard. See the “News” help articles for more information.

Recent Arrivals
Depending on the start date of an employee they will be listed here for 30 days with their avatar and name.

Out of the Office
Certain event types and leave types can be set as “out of office” (from Lookups).
If there is a calendar event, for example holiday leave the employee who is on that leave will be listed here with information when they are back in the office.
Is it possible to add and customise leave and event types to show in this panel.

For celebrations such as work anniversaries they will be listed here.
It is possible with event types (from Lookups) to create your own celebrations and if they are upcoming can be displayed here.